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For more than 50 years BAUMGARTEN has been a dependable industrial supplier of punched, tensioned and pressed molds from galvanized and nongalvanized high-quality steel (coils).

Car body panels and assembly, mainly for the automotive industry, are produced in Daaden and Daaden-Biersdorf. Since the year 2005 the Baumgarten company has got a further production site in Hungary, H-2947 Ete.

Modern production plants, our own tooling production and conscientious employees guarantee you a high standard of quality and safety.

Enterprises worldwide are using the BAUMGARTEN know-how for the construction of their high technology products.

With 150 employees BAUMGARTEN produces 50 million parts per year, of which 40% are produced for the seat industrie.


Martin-Luther-Straße 60 · 57567 Daaden · Germany
Phone +49 2743  9221-0 · Fax +49 2743  9221-60